Acceptance … receiving what you need

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Suddenly it’s clear …. From an intuitive ‘knowing’, ‘my inner voice’ so to call, I’ve taken this road. A process of detachment. Life as a nomad with a minimum of possessions. Of course, I can also give a different explanation. That I feel the need to discover the Netherlands. Experience where I feel the most at home. Where I want to live and work in the coming years. Not entirely false. But ultimately not the real truth …

Trust. In-depth trust. I’ve always experienced that. In myself. In humans. In the world. A sort of knowing, but not intellectually. No situation in my life has damaged this trust. It cànnot be damaged. Derivations can sometimes obscure it. Lead to distractions to be precise. And there are many distractions on this nomadic path. Let me drift away from my essence. Until I could not do anything but surrender and let myself fall down. Down in the abyss of unclear, but certain trust. Let all control go and die in a sense. Leaving a piece of me behind, like the skin of a snake. Return to the essense. And there, confidence flows and grows. Infinite and inexhaustible. Like love. Or maybe this is love …?!

Whatever I am, it does not matter anymore. My home is everywhere. Because I’m at peace with myself. And from there I see, I meet, I experience. I enjoy. I see that I get exactly what I need. Not always what I want, but in the end everytime what I need. At the right time, in the right place, with the right people. The movements outside of me become reflections of the proces inside me. It’s up to me to accept them. Receive. And at the same time I radiate. Creativity and power flows. Giving me new direction. My future becomes clear again. And this way reveals its purpose. When I remain faithful to myself, my inner truth, all is well.

How hard can it be? Finally, I have my home always with me…

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  1. Ontzettend boeiend om te lezen, Estèl!
    Wat kan je jouw verhaal mooi onder woorden brengen.
    Echt genieten!
    Liefs, Maria

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