Deadlines and deferrals

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Setting yourself a deadlines while there is already enough on your plate. A healthy incentive or selftorture? And when is postponement of a deadline a form of elusion or a necessary check with reality? Or more beautifully said, go with the flow of life? In short, when do you go with the flow and ‘let it happen’, delay included, and when do you just have to get your act together and push yourself forward?

It seems to be that sometimes life is like a rippling stream and an other moment a wildwaterriver. And I feel a hurry to keep a deadline. But sometimes I can also delay business on purpose. When is it the right time or when am I holding on to thight? Keywords in this are ‘cramped’ and ‘going too fast’. In this state of mind I do not experience clarity. In such a moment I am too deep into the matter, immersed in the content, the madness of the moment. And my compass, my intuition, does not work anymore.

Coming to a standstill, that’s the only remedy. Sit down, breathe and look at it from a distance. Make room for a different perspective. Then I notice that the real deferral behavior has to do with the idea that my work may not be good enough. That it’s not ‘ready’ yet. Aha! But in life it is never finished. Work is always in progress. I just have to be with what is here, in this moment. And showing that, that so called unfinished business, takes courage. But is also rewarding. Because by sharing this I receive help and support. And at the same time I inspire others to do the same. Bam! I am off my lonely island! On which  everything was so heavy and impossible?! Sharing this made everything complete. Whatever that is…

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