Farmer girl

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Little Blond’s birthday is coming up this month, so her close relatives have decided to visit her at her Quinta. Before they arrive she experiences a new kind of ‘stress’ while still needing so much to cut and clean on the land. Or is it a new kind of addiction?

Since I have my new ‘toy’ the bush mower, I feel the urge to start right away after yoga/meditation and breakfast each morning. In one way I am sad when it seems to rain to hard and I cannot trim the surroundings any further. On the other hand I feel a relieve. Especially when my body is sore from working the days before. Though I am pretty strong, sports and my days as a physical therapist are finally paying off, I still need to balance my activities. But maybe it mostly because once started, cleaning the land can be quite addictive! Not only it gives light and room to trees and bushes which are allowed to stay, and I uncover some interesting species, I feel a growing connections with the earth.

It is like combing the fur of your pet. Taking care and feeling every knuckle of the fragile spine.

Before I know I work five hours non-stop. Not a good situation for my physical needs…

So it is a good thing that after one and a half week family is arriving. It is still cold and rainy, so we treat ourselves the first evening with the goodies of the region by the fireplace. Olives, bread and cheese, bacalhau pastries and nice Alentejo wine are well received . And although the rain keeps pouring out of the sky the next days, the spirit stays high and inside the house different chores are being picked up.

And then, what a treat, there is warm water running out of the tap in my kitchen! I feel it is really my birthday…

By the leaving of one part of the family, the second is arriving shortly after and they ‘bring’ nicer weather again. In between the lazy moments in the sun, which my body appreciates a lot, a little trimming by hand is done and the seeds for tomatoes and herbs are put into pots and buckets. The sun and rain need to do the rest.

A short trip to Lisbon, where it is already crowded this time of the year, like it were summer, makes my birthday month complete. And even more when coming back and ‘meeting’ my own Quinta again, feeling in love with the nature and serenity of it all. Yes, I am definitely not a city girl anymore.

In full work outfit, checking the sky (or my phone;)) for the weather forecast, the smell of gasoline on my hand from filling the tank, my hair like it is never washed, I walk around with a big smile.

No wonder my friends call me the farmer girl

Biggg kiss from Little Blond

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