Flow… where you put your love and attention

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Where you give your attention goes to that will grow, flourish. This is often said. I believe that that is true. Sincere attention is what connects people. A piece of love for each other. And choice is required for this. How do I divide my attention? What and whom deserves my attention? How do I ensure that I give my attention to the first place deserved? My way of living ‘pushes’ me to stay in the flow of life, which gives me new insights and intens meetings every day. But because of this intensity it’s good to be aware where the focus of my attention lies ….

Flow. That’s what I’m experiencing now. I am touched by the things which daily come on my path. Without effort there are sparkes of life every single day. Small or big. The art is mainly to notice them. And I see do. Wow, what a wealth …. At this moment, I’m not surprised by a spontaneous conversation with someone on the street, money or opportunities get thrown into my lap, deep loving relationships and the beauty of nature. Life flows in full glory through and around me. What happened?

Somehow I do not do anything for this. And at the same time I do everything for it. Let me be let by my intuition. And that what comes my way, I give my full attention. But I also frequently take a stap back. The focus on attention. Coming to the essence of my existence. Be kind and compassionate to myself. So I can also be compassionate to my environment. And the enviroment to me.  So it keeps flowing. Pieces of love. Love flows and heals. It fulfills life, it fulfills me. Transparency that becomes visible. What a paradox. But the truth. My truth at least.

I have to conclude: Life is love, love is life itself, and I LIVE LIFE … in love.

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