Preparing to become a nomad

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Soon I’m homeless. In two months my only possession will be my car. And my meditation cushion. Talk about a change of life. Yes, very radical, I have decided not to settle somewhere. But to go on and live as a nomad in the country of friends and family.

Before I enter this new lifestyl, much work has to be done. A nomad is flexibel and has not much  baggage.The amount of my possessions already shrank to four cubic meters. Today I drove to the recycle shop for the second time this week. And that will not be the last time!

My goal is to end up with not more than 12 boxes and three smal pieces of antique furniture. The stuff must also fit into the corner of a barn provided by my mum.

The process feels liberating, light and refreshing.

But also sad and heavy. Because by selling or giving away al this stuff there is also fragments of my story going through my hands. In the end I feel I am still attached to objects.

As well that big thing, the house. Build with blood, sweat and tears. The last seven years a growing project and a more and more beautiful getting place. Soon it is no longer the property, and especially the living space, of me and my buddy.

And on top of that my buddy and I are both going our own ways. That hurts. Still, it feels striking and the process makes me stronger every day. My inner voice keeps telling me that this is what I need to do.  Like a bird flying out of its cage I need to explore my excistence as a human being.

A necessary step on my path of life …

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