Relate-to or relationship?

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Relationship. This word has not suited me for a long time now. An old concept that holds unusually high expectations, judgments and limitations. I do not believe in it anymore. In all those things we get stuck. However, in a certain way, connecting with someone; great! Together floating in the ocean of life. And sometimes immerse. Diving into the depts of the ocean. Coming up again to  discover that the other has drifted away. Without judgment. Without resentment. That freedom often is not experienced in a relationship. At least not in a traditional way. Relate-to is a word that suits me better.

Relate-to. A very human matter. Or human? We actually relate to much more. A universal case thus. We are related to people, animals, nature. Yes, even to things. And not in the least place to yourself. A beautiful addition to our consciousness. But sometimes also very complicated. And confronting. What happens to me when I am in relation? What does that say about me? Am I able to get rid of all those paved patterns of expectations and desires born out of fear? To be, in the now, with someone, without any guarantees for the future. In freedom to meet people and be who I am. And vice versa. Without the other wanting to change me or me wanting to change them.  I’m clear about the fact that the path I’m walking tomorrow always will be different from what I expect. That there are always things that will turn my attention to the story that I had in my mind. So I stop expecting (or I try to ;)). But do not stop creating. That’s another site. That’s what I wish for myself. As concrete as possible, I set out lines. What do I exactly want or like for myself ? I reconsider daily. Where is my soul craving for? What fits me? The how’s and when’s will expose themselfs. And I do not hold back. Do not think small. But great and without judgment. Without the wish to sabotage again by thinking ‘I do not deserve’ or ‘I cannot’. And keeping this up with the ‘risk’ that others might find out about it. And may not like me anymore, try to keep me small, find me arrogant or selfish. Or leave me … Well, can one actually? Yes physically. But are we not always connected? Is everyone and everything surrounding us not ‘just’ a reflection of ourselfs? So by definition, not lose-ably?

That brings us back to the beginning; relate-to or relationship. I say: relate without limitations! Without a fence. Unlimited possibilities. Every day again. That is my motto. I am. You are. Great when we get together in life. For a moment or longer. Thank you! <3

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